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Broken Laptops | Display Repair & Replacement Service


Sometimes you just know you need a new screen for your laptop if your screen is cracked, smashed or damaged in any way it will need most definitley need replacing.We have replaced a few screens We offer Laptop screen repair, all brands.

Stripes, lines and bands across the screen donĀ“t always end up with the screen needing replacing. If your screen is very dark this is another sign that the screen is OK and the cause is cheaper to repair. Just ordering a new screen may not resolve the problem, so we would advise sending the Laptop to us repair.broken_laptop1

Unlike many laptop parts, screens and the parts that power them are often manufactured by big companies like Samsung, Hitachi, LG etc they sell the same screen to several laptop manufacturers so often the screen parts are interchangeable between models and brands. A screen used in an Acer laptop may also be used in another laptop a HP laptop for example.

We have stocks of new and used screens in most cases it is often cheaper to send the laptop to us for repair, than to attempt the repair yourself.

If your screen is blank, garbled or has other strange lines showing it could be the video chip, click here to find out how we can help with video chip problems.

Also we provide Laptop Spares & Accessories for your Laptop Needs.book_now

Once we receive the laptop we will diagnose the problem with our experienced knowledge, we guide you what to do further to recover your laptop and give you the affordable price for your repaired laptop. In most cases we try the edge to repair your laptop with out any replacement. Our Laptop service Center for your Laptop needs, we can understand your valuable money.